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Updated on 24/08/2016

3rd Annual GARA Scientific Workshop

From 06/09/2016 to 08/09/2016

Place : Ploufragan - France

Public : Open to all

Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance

Mission of GARA
To establish and sustain global research partnerships that will generate scientific knowledge and tools to contribute to the successful prevention, control and where feasible eradication of African Swine Fever (ASF).

Vision of GARA
A coordinated global research alliance enabling the progressive control and eradication of ASF.



Strategic Goals of GARA
Goal 1. Identify research opportunities and facilitate collaborations within the Alliance
Goal 2. Conduct strategic and multi-disciplinary research to better understand ASF
Goal 3. Determine social and economic drivers and impact of ASF
Goal 4. Develop novel and improved tools to support the prevention and control of ASF
Goal 5. Determine the impact of ASF prevention and control tools
Goal 6. Serve as a communication and technology sharing gateway for the global ASF research community and stakeholders

Purpose of the Workshop
The main objective of the scientific workshop will be to review accomplishments made towards the gaps identified during the previous workshops on Plum Island and Pretoria.  The Scientific Committee will be developing the agenda for the workshop shortly.  It is expected that the topics will focus on virology and pathogenesis, epidemiology (Africa / Europe), vaccines and immune responses, molecular epidemiology and diagnosis, legislation and reporting in different countries , use of genome editing to understand virus and host interaction. 

Target audience is approximately 100 participants from previous GARA workshops on Plum Island and South Africa as well as GARA partners and collaborators and other potential research partners.   Invitees will include scientific experts from European Union, Eastern Europe, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, Australia, China, USA, Canada and representatives from international organizations, such as FAO, OIE, ILRI,…

Outputs of the workshop
The GARA will make use of the opportunities to identify research needs and establish collaborations and partnerships, update the gap analysis and identify potential funding sources to address those gaps.
The Organizing Committee of the 3rd Annual GARA Scientific Workshop, together with the Scientific Committee, look forward to welcoming you in Ploufragan in September 2016 and assure that your participation will be fruitful and productive!

 Organizing Committee
Marie-Frédérique LE POTIER, Evelyne HUTET, Olivier BOURRY, Nicolas ROSE, Virginie LOISELIER, Anses Ploufragan-Plouzané ; Cyril GAY, USA ; Bob ROWLAND, USA ; Covadonga ALONSO, SPAIN.

Scientific committee
Linda DIXON, United Kingdom ; Marie-Frédérique LE POTIER, France ; Livio HEATH, South Africa ; Willie LOEFFEN, Netherlands ; Denis KOLBASOV, Russia ; Eric ETTER, South Africa ; Charle MASEMBE, Uganda ; Ana DE LA TORRE, Spain ; Douglas GLADUE, USA ; Dolores Gavier-Widén, Sweden ; Armanda BASTOS, South-Africa ; Carmina GALLARDO, Spain.

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  • Contact :

    Virginie LOISELIER, Anses Ploufragan-Plouzané.




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    4 rue Camille Guérin - 22440 Ploufragan