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Updated on 06/05/2014

4th international symposium on weeds and invasive plants

From 18/05/2014 to 23/05/2014

Place : Montpellier

Public : Open to all

4th international symposium on weeds and invasive plants

This event brings together over 400  scientists and managers who share a strong interest in the biology, ecology and methods of controlling invasive plants in cultivated and natural habitats as well as urban areas.

Objectives of the 4th symposium:

  • Strengthening interactions between all fields for the management of invasive plants (e.g., ragweed) by facilitating exchanges between the researchers in basic and applied research, and managers and action agencies in the field.
  • Broadening the scope of this conference to include the entire Mediterranean basin where the agronomical and environmental concerns are similar those of the southern Europe.  
  • Bridging the fields of invasion biology science and social and human sciences.