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Administration & Financial Affairs Department

At the disposal of ANSES’s different departments, the Administration and Financial Affairs Department has the following missions:

  • devise and develop an efficient buying policy, compliant with the rules that must be adhered to with regard to public procurement, in keeping with the challenges of sustainable development;
  • prepare the ANSES budget by issuing, in the framework of a management control policy, proposals for supporting efficiency in the Agency, and coordinating its implementation;
  • implement cost accounting;
  • ensure administrative and financial monitoring of the conventions signed by ANSES within the scope of its activities, while endeavouring to maintain compliance with the Agency’s policies;
  • ensure the logistics and management of activities for the departments and laboratories of the Maisons-Alfort site, as well as the hosting of experts;
  • devise and implement travel policy at the national level;
  • develop the tools and procedures that make it possible to improve the quality of financial coordination within the Agency.

Interim Director: Diane Ionesco