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The Agency's quality assurance policy

When carrying out its missions, it is important for ANSES that the quality of its work and its responsiveness in crisis situations be maintained at the highest level. To do so, the Agency applies a collective and all-around quality policy. Its quality and risk management approach has been defined based on its strategic objectives. This approach is essential for the smooth operation of the Agency and underpins the implementation of its strategic objectives and priorities set out in the goals and performance contract (COP) signed with its supervisory ministries.

For the 2018-2022 period, ANSES's COP revolves around five main strategic priorities: 1/ strengthen the Agency's scientific excellence, and the quality and independence of its expert appraisals; 2/ anticipate emerging threats and risks; 3/ consolidate ANSES's role in the construction of the European and global health and safety system; 4/ promote dialogue with society and keep the public informed about its missions; 5/ improve the Agency's overall efficiency.

ANSES applies a quality management system based on a process-oriented approach for its day-to-day operations, in order to ensure that its different activities are organised coherently and efficiently and in keeping with its founding values – impartiality, scientific expertise, transparency, and openness to stakeholders.

This quality management system encompasses all of the Agency's implementation, support and management activities. It relies on the ISO 9001 standard, supplemented by the various professional standards to which the Agency refers.

These are:

  • the NF X 50-110 standard for expertise activities,
  • the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard for tests and analyses,
  • the NF EN ISO/CEI 17043 standard for organising inter-laboratory proficiency tests.


ANSES is also committed to implementing the provisions of:

  • the “Sustainable development charter for public establishments and companies”, signed in April 2008,
  • the “National charter for research integrity”, signed in January 2015,
  • the “French charter for openness to society of public organisations for research, expertise and assessment of health and environmental risks”, signed in December 2016.

Since 30 September 2013, ANSES has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard; the scope of this certification also relates to the NF X 50-110 standard. As provided for in ANSES's goals and performance contract, this recognition supplements the accreditation efforts made for its laboratories.

The Agency mobilises its entire staff to take ownership of quality documentation and apply quality policies and procedures in their work. It is actively involved in deploying this quality management system and is committed to its continual improvement.

All of these efforts are placed under the leadership of the Quality & Internal Audit Department and the national network of quality managers.