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ANSES in 2020: (re)discover the highlights and news

Contribution to the fight against the new coronavirus, sustained scientific output in all the Agency's fields of activity: 2020 was a particularly full year for ANSES, which also celebrated its tenth anniversary. Here is a retrospective look at the achievements that marked the year.



  • COVID-19

  • Focus on 20 key news items

  • Publication of the book "Dealing with risks", on the occasion of the Agency's 10th anniversary


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside-down. In order to provide the public and the authorities with useful guidelines on how to organise daily life and protect health during this period, the Agency offered its expertise in its specific areas of competence: food and nutrition, animal health, occupational health, etc.

See all the Agency's work and recommendations.

Focus on 20 key news items 

#Air and water quality

1. ANSES calls for vigilance concerning essential-oil based sprays and diffusers. Find out more.

2. A pioneering review of knowledge on antimicrobial resistance and antibiotics in the environmentFind out more.

3. Ragweed in France: costs of the health impacts and proposed courses of action. Find out more.


#Animal health

4. Avian influenza in six questions. Find out more.

5. Swine flu: a challenge for livestock and human health. Find out more.


#Plant health

6. Plant health was in the spotlight at the 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show, with three questions for Philippe Reignault, Director of Plant Health at ANSES. Find out more.


#Vector-borne diseases

7. Risks associated with dengue epidemics occurring in the French overseas territories. Find out more

8. Learn all about vectors. Read our dossier on the subject.


#Regulated products

9. Pesticides in outdoor air: ANSES identifies the substances requiring further assessment. Find out more.

10. Glyphosate: results of the comparative assessment with the available non-chemical alternatives. Find out more.


#Chemical risks

11. Tobacco and vaping products: an unprecedented overview of the products sold in France. Read our dossier on the subject.

12. Resorcinol: a proven endocrine disruptor for humans. Find out more.

13. Inhalation of nitrous oxide: ANSES recommends improving regulations and better informing the public about potential health risks. Find out more.


#Diet and physical activity

14. Nanomaterials in food: improving their identification and better assessing risks to consumers. Find out more.

15. Limiting cadmium exposure from consumption of edible seaweed. Find out more.

16. The Ciqual table of nutritional composition of foods – ANSES supplements its data. Find out more.

17. ANSES alerts the public authorities to the levels of physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour among young people. Find out more.


#New technologies

18. 5G deployment in France: ANSES takes action to assess the health risks. Find out more.


#Occupational health

19. A methodological guide to creating tables of occupational diseases. Find out more.



20. Researchers give an update on the use of an innovative type of vaccine against several human and animal diseases. Find out more.

Publication of the book "Dealing with risks", on the occasion of the Agency's 10th anniversary

To mark its tenth anniversary, ANSES decided to retrace the long journey that led to the creation of our health and safety system and, in particular, the creation of an agency dedicated to food, environmental and occupational health and safety. Find out more.