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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES and INERIS strengthen their partnership

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News of 27/09/2013

On September 26 2013, The French Agency for Food, Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety (ANSES) and INERIS (the French Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks) signed a partnership agreement to strengthen the ties they have established over several years for the prevention of environmental health risks. The main areas of cooperation involve (i) support by INERIS experts and laboratories for the ANSES-run Expert Committees for risk assessment (pesticides and chemical substances, nanoparticles, radiofrequency waves); (ii) socio-economic expert appraisal for the European REACh regulation; (iii) France's contribution to the drafting of guides for assessing chemical products.


ANSES and INERIS possess complementary skills and resources which are implemented in two main areas of expertise: environmental and occupational health, and chemical risk. ANSES's mission is to assess the risks citizens are exposed to, through independent, collective and adversarial expert assessments. INERIS conducts studies and research providing data for scientific expert assessment work, and focuses in particular on the assessment of risks due to industrial activity, in order to support industrial development in different areas and to effectively protect the living environment of its citizens.

Strengthened by ongoing cooperation over the last several years, both organisations have decided to further reinforce the coordination of their activities through regular exchanges in their respective work programmes and by the identification of special areas of cooperation for expert assessment, studies and analysis in the environmental and occupational domains.

Within the agreement, the following main areas of cooperation have been identified:

  • Interaction for the collective expert assessments implemented by ANSES and for the studies and research by INERIS on major or emerging topics in environmental health (nanomaterials, electro-magnetic fields, endocrine disruptors, air pollution, pesticides,etc.), in order to reinforce national knowledge on the characterisation of hazards or exposures.
  • Collaboration between ANSES and INERIS for socio-economic analysis with regard to the European REACh regulation.
  • Complementarity in the contributions of ANSES and INERIS to the work conducted in international contexts in order to define chemical assessment protocols:  regulatory assessment work for ANSES, development and assessment of assay methods at OECD for INERIS, contributions to European guidelines in the areas in which they excel mutually. 

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