ANSES and the MSA sign a partnership agreement

The Central Fund for the Agricultural Mutual Insurance Scheme (MSA) and ANSES signed a framework partnership agreement today at the Paris International Agricultural Show, reflecting the desire of the two public interest organisations to combine their skills to protect worker health in the agricultural sector.

The MSA is responsible for the occupational health and safety and social security of agricultural workers. ANSES conducts various activities in the field of occupational health. Under this five-year partnership, the two organisations are consolidating and extending their cooperation aimed at taking better account of the health risks associated with the activities of the agricultural professions.

The main goals of their cooperation are as follows:

  • get the MSA to play a greater role in the French National Network for the Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases (RNV3P), coordinated by ANSES. This network collects data from occupational and/or environmental disease clinics in order to identify health risks associated with occupational activities;
  • develop cooperation on zoonotic diseases related to agricultural activities, in particular animal husbandry;
  • better identify the adverse effects of plant protection products and certain biocides, and formulate recommendations for users adapted to actual practices, in particular through the sharing of data from the Phyt'Attitude database managed by the MSA and the Phytopharmacovigilance scheme managed by ANSES;
  • promote research projects in occupational health through ANSES's National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST) and the MSA's calls for research projects.

ANSES, the French health and safety agency

ANSES provides public decision-makers with the scientific benchmarks needed to protect humans and the environment against health risks. It studies, assesses and monitors all the chemical, microbiological and physical risks to which humans, animals and plants are exposed, thereby helping the public authorities take the necessary measures, including in the event of a health crisis. It issues marketing authorisations for veterinary medicinal products, plant protection products and biocides. A national agency working in the public interest, ANSES comes under the responsibility of the French Ministries of Health, the Environment, Agriculture, Labour and Consumer Affairs.

The Central Fund for the Agricultural Mutual Insurance Scheme (MSA)

With 26.9 billion euros of benefits paid to 5.6 million beneficiaries, the MSA is France's second largest social security scheme. It provides welfare coverage for the entire agricultural population and their beneficiaries: farmers, employees (of farms, companies, cooperatives and professional agricultural organisations) and employers of labour.