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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety




Updated on 29/01/2016

ANSES and the Paris International Agricultural Show

From 27/02/2016 to 06/03/2016

Science in our everyday lives



Find out about microbiological risks in food, concepts of chemistry, the water cycle, and go away armed with a few tips on sustainable and environmentally-friendly crop production: here is the programme offered by ANSES this year at the Paris Agricultural Show.



You are invited to immerse yourself in the world of science through four fun workshops for all the family:

  • Advice in the area of food hygiene, to avoid microbial contamination when preparing meals.
  • Chemist for a day: come and learn about the technique of "chromatography", i.e. the separation of molecules, with the help of an ordinary drink, mint syrup. This will help you better understand this method used by ANSES scientists to screen for traces of antibiotics in the foods of animal origin that we consume every day, such as milk or meat.
  • Are you interested in the idea of sustainable crop production? What do you know about agrobiology or biocontrol? Come and discover some alternatives to chemical plant protection products. ANSES gives you a few indications on other ways of growing crops.
  • And to understand the importance of using water in a responsible manner, come and listen to the story of two drops of water caught in a storm…

ANSES’s core activity is health risk assessment in the areas of food, the environment and work, with the aim of enlightening public policy-making. Thanks to its wide field of competence, it can identify all the risks to which people are exposed, intentionally or otherwise, at all times of life, including at work, in the home or during leisure activities.

Visit us at the ANSES stand: hall 4 - aisle D - stand 114