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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES launches the first phase of a national food consumption study in Nantes and Strasbourg

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News of 07/05/2013

200 people are asked to answer questions about their dietary habits



The role of diet in the increase or prevention of certain diseases such as cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease has now been scientifically established. In order to reinforce the prevention of these diseases and improve the health of the French population, it is essential to learn more about people’s diet and nutritional status. For this purpose, every seven years ANSES undertakes an individual and national study on food consumption (INCA) under the authority of the Ministries of Health and Agriculture. The third edition of this study, INCA 3, will be launched at the end of 2013 jointly with the INPES(1).

Today ANSES is launching a pilot study involving 200 households in the Nantes and Strasbourg areas, which will be held from May to July 2013. It is a vital step for preparing the INCA 3 study, as it will enable the methodology for INCA 3 to be validated and adjusted as necessary before the full study gets underway.

The households participating in this pilot study have been selected on the basis of the national census carried out by INSEE to reflect the diversity of the entire population. They will each soon receive a letter explaining the goals and practical arrangements of the project and will be contacted by an interviewer trained for this study. In each household selected, one child or one adult will be selected at random: they will then describe their dietary consumption on three days, also selected at random, over a period of three weeks, for which all the data collected will be strictly confidential. If the participant so wishes, he or she will receive an individual dietary assessment.

(1)National Institute for Prevention and Health Education