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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES launches its third Individual National Study on Food Consumption (INCA 3)

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News of 22/01/2014

Starting on 6 February 2014, ANSES will launch its third Individual National Survey on Food Consumption (INCA 3). This survey will update our knowledge of eating habits in France, essential for setting public health priorities in the areas of nutrition as well as food safety. 


Why the INCA 3 survey?

Today, it has been scientifically proven that food and physical activity can play a role in the rise or the prevention of a host of diseases, such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. In order to more effectively prevent these diseases, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the nutritional status of the population living in France. And it is within this frame that ANSES is launching its third Individual National Survey on Food Consumption (INCA 3), which will be conducted over a period of one year under the auspices of the Ministries in charge of food and health, and this year in collaboration with the INPES  and in coordination with the Esteban biomonitoring programme of the InVS . 


Who can participate in INCA 3 and how? 

472 municipalities will participate in the survey, which will begin on 6 February 2014. A letter will be sent to residents selected based on the INSEE population census, in order to reflect the diversity of the entire population. 

So starting on 27 January 2014, you could receive a letter inviting you to be part of the group of 4000 individuals who will participate in this large-scale scientific study. If you are selected, you will be contacted starting on February 6 by an interviewer from GfK ISL, the company mandated by ANSES for conducting the survey. 

In the preliminary stage, you will receive a visit or phone call by an interviewer in order to randomly select the person in your household who will participate in the survey.

In a second stage, the person selected will be asked to describe their food consumption over a 3-day period and to answer questions on their lifestyle and habits (physical activity, consumption of food supplements, food preparation and storage, etc.). All the data gathered will of course be strictly confidential, and the INCA 3 survey will be an opportunity for participants to receive a free dietary evaluation. 

Your participation in this survey will be highly valuable. It will make it possible to provide the scientific arguments necessary for the continuation, reinforcement, and if needed the modification of France's nutritional policy.  

ANSES is counting on your collaboration. Your participation in INCA 3 is beneficial to everyone!