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ANSES launches six public calls for applications to renew its expert committees and working groups

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News of 27/01/2015

To conduct its risk appraisals and draft its recommendations, ANSES relies on 18 expert committees (CESs) and undertakes scientific expert assessments which are independent, multidisciplinary, collective and adversarial. Today, the Agency launches six public calls for applications to renew five of its CESs and five working groups. Applications to join these groups are open to French-speakingscientists from a variety of disciplines and should be submitted on-line. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2015.


ANSES undertakes monitoring, expert assessment, research and reference missions in a broad field of expertise that encompasses human health, animal health and welfare, and plant health. The Agency provides cross-functional expert assessment for health issues and can identify, overall, the risks to which people are exposed through their lifestyles and consumption patterns, as well as through the characteristics of their environment, including in the workplace.

ANSES's collective expert assessment work is organised into 18 expert committees (CESs) and close to 60 working groups (WGs). The experts are appointed for a three-year period, come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide variety of specialties, which ensures that the scientific expert assessments conducted are independent, multidisciplinary, collective and adversarial. Several hundred scientists from major national and international research organisations contribute as experts to the assessments conducted by ANSES, with one major goal: to help ensure the health and safety of consumers, workers and the environment.

The success of this collective expert assessment process implies adherence to fundamental principles such as expert competency, impartiality and integrity, in addition to collegiality, transparency and openness in expert appraisal. In keeping with this, experts are appointed intuitu personae through public calls for applications. They are selected for their scientific expertise and by an examination of their public declaration of interests, in order to prevent risks of conflicts of interests with regard to the types of dossiers handled by the expert group in which they are to participate.

Over the coming months, the Agency will renew five of its expert committees and five working groups whose mandates have expired. It is therefore launching a public call for applications today. Experts are sought in the following areas:

  • Assessment of food-based biological risks
  • Assessment of food-based chemical risks 
  • Assessment of guides to good hygiene practice (GGHP) and of application of HACCP principles
  • Nutrivigilance
  • Human nutrition
  • Animal nutrition, animal health and well-being

The range of expertise sought by the Agency covers the following areas: food hygiene and microbiology, food technology, quantitative risk assessment, microbial ecology, methods of detection and characterisation of micro-organisms, biotechnology, enzymology, materials chemistry, food manufacturing processes, food chemistry, food contaminants, agronomics, epidemiology, human and social sciences, knowledge of regulations / standardisation with regard to GGHP and the Hygiene Package, hazard analysis, biological, physical, chemical and allergen hazard knowledge, human nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, zootechnics, animal diseases, etc.

Please note that the working language of these groups is French. Applicants must therefore have a solid working knowledge of both written and oral French.

All applications must be submitted on line by 31 March 2015.


In addition, two public calls for applications are currently open for specific solicited requests: 

  • Working group on "Professional risks caused by climate change", deadline: 2 March 2015,
  • Working group on "Particulate matter", deadline: 2 February 2015.