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ANSES: a player in European research

The core role of ANSES is to assess health risks to facilitate public policymaking. Achieving this objective requires independent scientific appraisals by groups of experts from different horizons, including external scientists. This central mission is driven by knowledge generated by surveillance, research and reference activities, which are also performed by the Agency. In turn, risk assessments help to guide surveillance activities and to identify new areas of research.

In the field of research, ANSES is active in three complementary areas in the national and European arenas:


Research planning

Through its expert appraisal activities, ANSES identifies areas where data are lacking, thus highlighting research topics and sources of uncertainty in risk assessment. This serves to identify knowledge production needs. By providing this information to national working groups coordinated by the public authorities, the Agency helps to identify research priorities for France, and plays a major role in defining avenues for research, and corresponding planning in its fields of expertise, at the European level. These priorities are then channelled by the national authorities to the European Commission when calls for research projects are determined. They are also integrated into the Agency’s own research support activities through national calls for research projects and the ERA-NET scheme (European network for coordination and cooperation in research) in which ANSES participates.


Research activities

Research, reference and risk assessment activities at the Agency are all interconnected. Research aims to improve knowledge of pathogenic agents and of regulated or significant emerging contaminants. Information generated by the surveillance or analysis networks coordinated by ANSES helps to drive research activities and enables the Agency to determine new areas for research.
ANSES is involved in many European, bilateral and multilateral research projects, either as coordinator (JANPA and TDS-Exposure) or as partner.
Research projects financed by European funding foster collaboration on common areas of study and make it possible to build a network of organisations and experts who can contribute to the various projects undertaken by the Agency. These activities enable ANSES researchers to maintain their skills and expertise, and provide more effective support to the reference and risk assessment actions.


Research funding

Through its Research and Science Watch Department, the Agency manages calls for research projects specifically within the framework of the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health for which an annual call is issued enabling French and foreign research teams to obtain funding. 


In addition, as part of the ERA-ENVHEALTH project, and the continued interactions in this network, two transnational calls for research projects on environmental health were issued. These transnational calls for research projects aimed to encourage the scientific community in Europe to carry out research in areas where science meets public policy.