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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES publishes its 2013 Activity Report

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News of 16/06/2014

2013 was a particularly active year for ANSES, with the publication of important opinions, the conducting of research and reference activities by the laboratories, the launch of a new website and ISO 9001 certification as recognition of the high quality of the Agency's expert assessment work. Published today, the ANSES activity report provides a detailed account of the significant events of 2013, illustrating the breadth of its field of expertise and its commitment to protecting citizens on a day-to-day basis while at the same time keeping one step ahead of public health issues in order to anticipate with increasing effectiveness any new and emerging risks. 


2013 was a particularly active year for ANSES in all of its areas of expertise. For example, in 2013 several benchmark opinions were published, including an assessment of the effects of bisphenol A on health, and assessments of the risks of exposure to radiofrequency waves, energy drink consumption, and worker exposure to bituminous products. 

Over the year, the Agency's laboratories were also equipped with cutting-edge technology enabling them to develop quicker, more reliable analysis methods, and to make them available to the health authorities in charge of food safety. 

The laboratories also conducted numerous research studies in animal and plant health, and in the areas of plant protection products, antimicrobial resistance and epidemiology. Some of the topics which the experts examined include: discovery of new bacterial species, contribution to the national plan for antimicrobial resistance reduction, nanomaterials, bee health, drug residues in water, foodborne contaminant exposure, etc.

But 2013 was also the year in which the Agency's new website was launched, ISO 9001 certification was obtained, new conventions for national, European and international partnerships were signed, expert groups were renewed, twenty scientific events were held and a structured policy for risk control was implemented. 

In its activity report published today, the Agency provides a detailed account of many of its achievements, and in doing so illustrates the wide range of topics it covers and its commitment to protecting citizens today while at the same time keeping one step ahead of public health issues in order to anticipate the risks of tomorrow.  

On its website, the Agency also publishes detailed activity reports for its different assessment departments and laboratories, as well as for the the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) (in French only)