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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES receives ISO 9001 certification

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News of 09/12/2013

Today, Olivier Peyrat, Director General of the AFNOR group, presented Marc Mortureux, Director General of ANSES, with a diploma attesting to the Agency's ISO 9001 certification. ANSES had devised its certification process over several years, basing it for its risk assessment activity on French standard NF X 50-110 for quality in expert assessment.  This is the first time that the "General requirements for competency in expert assessment" standard has been applied to ISO 9001 certification. It is an innovative approach which reflects ANSES's commitment to constant improvement of its operations in order to more effectively respond to the missions to which it has been entrusted, in the interest of transparency and guaranteed independence in its scientific expert appraisal process.


Certification of its quality management system is one of the priorities of ANSES's Goals and Performance Contract. It is a management tool that promotes continual progress, implying the monitoring and constant renewal of goals, a dynamic method for never taking anything for granted while improving effectiveness. Having received the ISO 9001 certificate represents the culmination of a process begun with the founding of the Agency and which has mobilised all of its competencies. 

Certification has involved all of the Agency's activities, including those of the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products, which was the subject of a separate certification process. ANSES's laboratories also received accreditation for their activities by COFRAC.(1)

The French standard NF X 50-110 on quality in expert assessment was also the subject of an additional audit on the constitution of expert groups, the handling of interests, the decision-making process, and traceability.

One of the goals pursued by the Agency in its certification process was the willingness to attest to the quality and rigour of its organisation and activities. Therefore, for ANSES, obtaining this certification means guaranteeing the scientific excellence of its work, ensuring the responsiveness of its activities, and complying with the requirements of independence, transparency and openness to society.

For Marc Mortureux, Director General of ANSES, "obtaining this certificate is above all the starting point in a process of constant improvement, and the fact that the audit was well regarded by the staff is a guarantee of mobilisation for the future".


[1] French Accreditation Committee (scope of the accreditation available on our website)