ANSES Scientific Conferences: Antimicrobial resistance in animal health and the environment

Epidemiology and modelling in antimicrobial resistance

Every year, to mark European Antibiotic Awareness Day, ANSES holds its annual symposium on this topic, through its Scientific Conferences. This event is fully in line with the implementation of the interministerial roadmap adopted on 18 November 2016, which aims to strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat antibiotic resistance more effectively in animal health. It is helping to mobilise the players concerned – whether scientists, decision-makers or professionals in the field – to tackle this issue, in order to explore new measures to improve the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine and limit their impact.

In 2018, this symposium will focus on current and future issues in epidemiology and modelling in antimicrobial resistance. Like every other year, the Agency's two annual reports on national trends in resistance in animals (Résapath report) and sales of veterinary antimicrobials will also be presented.