ANSES Scientific Conferences : PNREST and "Plan Cancer"

Risks of cancer associated with occupational or environmental exposure

For the first time, ANSES's next Scientific Conferences, presenting work conducted as part of the National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), will be held in partnership with the National Cancer Institute (INCa) and the Multi-Agency Thematic Institute for Cancer (ITMO Cancer) of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan).

Cancer is a major public health issue: in metropolitan France in 2017 there were an estimated 400,000 new cases of cancer (incidence), some of which were associated with exposure to factors related to the general or occupational environment.

This context led ANSES and ITMO Cancer to make this topic one of the priorities of the PNR EST, while INCa is funding research projects on other risk factors such as genetic predisposition, the development of innovative screening tools, patient care, etc.

The advances made in this field and the results obtained by around fifteen research projects will be presented at the Scientific Conferences on 2 October 2018.