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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES's Scientific Conferences event: a day devoted to the effects of chemical pollutants on human health

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News of 27/11/2014

Twice a year, ANSES organises its Scientific Conferences event in order to present the latest results of research funded by the National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR-EST) for which it is the coordinator. The next event, to be held at the Institut Pasteur this Friday 28 November, will be devoted to the effects of chemical pollutants on human health, a subject central to the health issues assessed by the Agency.


Through the presentation of numerous research projects which are an integral part of various national plans (environmental health, occupational health, national endocrine disruptor strategy), this Scientific Conferences event will be devoted to two major topics:

  • the effects of atmospheric pollutants on health,
  • the biological effects of exposure to mixtures or low doses of chemical pollutants, and pesticides in particular.

Various other issues will be discussed, such as the link between the incidence of leukaemia in children and certain sources of environmental exposure (GEOCAP study), the impact of traffic-related atmospheric pollution on the incidence of respiratory and allergic conditions in children (in the context of the PARIS birth cohort study), and the effects of intra-uterine exposure to non-persistent endocrine disruptors (phthalates and phenols) on foetal and child growth (in the context of the EDEN cohort study).

This conference will also be an opportunity for ANSES and the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS) to present their work on selected topics.  

ANSES will present the conclusions of its review of the current state of knowledge regarding the health impact of exposure of the general population to pollen in ambient air, and will also highlight its suggestions for health risk management.  A presentation will also be given on its methodological approach to health risk assessment for endocrine disruptors and/or reprotoxic substances in consumer goods, with n-hexane as an example. 

Last, the InVS will present the initial results of the perinatal component of the national biomonitoring programme on the exposure of pregnant women and their unborn children to several environmental pollutants (lead, mercury, bisphenol A, etc.).


You are cordially invited to the Scientific Conferences event to be held on
28 November at the Institut Pasteur starting at 8:30 am
Auditorium CIS
28 rue du Docteur Roux
75015 PARIS