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Calls and Consultations

ANSES issues various calls and public consultations.
For instance, the Agency regularly announces calls for applications from experts, submits reports for consultation and issues calls for research under the National Plan for Research on Environmental and Occupational Health.
Public calls are also issued for other specific purposes.

Calls for applications from experts

To carry out its assessments and formulate its recommendations, ANSES calls on expert committees and working groups made up of experts from outside the Agency.
The Agency therefore regularly issues calls for applications from experts in order to set up or renew the membership of these groups and committees.
The experts are selected on the basis of their scientific competence (assessment based on their professional experience and scientific publications) and an examination of their public declarations of interest, in order to prevent potential conflicts of interest with regard to the nature of the issues to be investigated by the expert committee to which they are assigned.


Calls for research projects

Among its missions, ANSES plans and supports research. This includes running the National Plan for Research on Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), an essential tool for the development of knowledge to support public policy and ANSES’s health risk assessment work.  In this context, several calls for research projects (APRs) are issued every year.


Calls for submissions

ANSES’s Bulletin de Veille Scientifique (BVS – “Science Watch Bulletin”) is a collection of peer-reviewed notes in French in which experts in environmental and occupational health provide a critical analysis of international publications issued over the last few months. The main objective of the BVS, produced in collaboration with ANSES’s network of partners, is to disseminate validated up-to-date information to support public policy. The Agency regularly launches calls for submissions for the bulletin, which publishes three issues a year (March, July and December).


Public consultations

Considering the importance, complexity and sensitivity of some of the subjects it deals with, the Agency occasionally wishes to reinforce its work by bringing its expert reports to the attention of members of the scientific and medical community, representatives of associations and the heads of professional organisations.
All contributions received are made public for consultation and are subjected to detailed analysis by the Agency when drawing up its recommendations.
In certain cases this consultation is required by law. Such is the case with OELs, for which consultations are regularly launched.
ANSES also conducts assessments for chemical in the framework of the European REACh and CLP regulations. To do this, it prioritizes, identifies and builds dossiers to provide support to the competent French authorities, and it launches public consultations on the website of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the classification proposals it issues.


Calls for expressions of interest (CEoI)

ANSES uses calls for expressions of interest (CEoI) to inform socio-economic players of the possibilities of cooperation on R&D topics, particularly with a view to assessing new technologies or tools, capitalising on research work (licencing, transfer of know-how) or validating diagnostic kits (e. g. detection of the African swine fever (ASF) virus genome).