02/06/2021 1 min

Charlotte Grastilleur appointed Managing Director General in charge of coordinating ANSES’s Regulated Products Division

On 1 June, Charlotte Grastilleur was appointed Managing Director General in charge of ANSES's Regulated Products Division. She now coordinates the Agency's departments in charge of assessing applications and issuing marketing authorisations for plant protection products, biocidal products and veterinary medicinal products.

An inspector of veterinary public health, Charlotte Grastilleur has been working at the service of public health for more than 20 years, in the area of food safety in particular. The various positions she has held during her career in risk assessment and management have given her insight into public health policy, including for the management of crises.

In charge of coordinating ANSES's Regulated Products Division, Charlotte Grastilleur will supervise all the departments responsible for assessing applications and issuing marketing authorisations for plant protection products, fertilisers, growing media, adjuvants, active substances and biocidal products; she will also oversee the activities of the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV).

With a long-standing commitment to serving public health, Charlotte Grastilleur will use her experience to help preserve the population's health and the quality of the environment. She will guarantee the proper implementation of all the steps aiming to ensure the safety of the regulated products placed on the market, from the risk and effectiveness assessment of products to monitoring and surveillance activities.

Charlotte Grastilleur succeeds Dr Caroline Semaille, who has joined the French Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM) as Deputy Director General in charge of operations.

"At the head of ANSES's Regulated Products Division, I will work to promote a scientific vision common to the three main areas in question: veterinary medicinal products, plant protection products and biocides. This global vision will go beyond specific regulatory frameworks, comparing practices and strengthening synergies both internally and with the various stakeholders involved. In the area of regulated products, ANSES has spearheaded an approach focused on health and safety, with schemes such as phytopharmacovigilance that are the only ones of their kind in Europe. I would like to pursue the Agency’s activities in this same spirit, in close collaboration with our European partners and with attention drawn to our teams’ work. Lastly, among the multiple elements that make up ANSES's identity, I consider it is crucial to maintain an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, transparently and in affirmation of the convictions associated with expert assessments as well as the unknowns and uncertainties”.

Charlotte Grastilleur’s background

Charlotte Grastilleur received a PhD in veterinary science in 1999, after studying at the Nantes National Veterinary School. She began her career in the public sphere, in the area of health controls, as Deputy Director of Veterinary Services and Head of the Food Safety Department at the Oise DDAF. Starting in 2002, she held several positions at the Directorate General for Food related to the management of food chain risks (radiological, chemical and biological). From 2015 to 2019, as ANSES’s Deputy Director for Risk Assessment in food safety and nutrition, and then as Scientific Director for Food Safety, she contributed to the general food strategy and represented the Agency in EFSA's Advisory Forum. In 2019, she became Head of the Health Emergency Mission at the Directorate General for Food. Her responsibilities included coordinating the work of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the areas of animal health, plant health and food alerts, with activities dedicated to the preparation and planning of crisis management in all three of these fields.