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Department of Communication and Institutional Relations

The Department of Communication and Institutional Relations is tasked with coordinating all the establishment's internal and external communication actions, and promoting and enhancing relations with the Agency's institutional partners. It is placed under the authority of the Director General.

As such, it is mainly responsible for:

  • publishing the Agency's opinions and recommendations, in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 1313-3 of the Public Health Code;
  • the Agency's publications and their exploitation, in liaison with the departments concerned;
  • tools for external, digital and internal communication, particularly in liaison with the Technical Affairs and Information Systems Department, design and monitoring of the websites, and management of the Intranet;
  • media relations;
  • organising and promoting scientific events;
  • relations with local, national and European elected officials;
  • institutional relations with the Agency's external partners;
  • participating in the implementation of the missions to inform and contribute to public debate, provided for by Article R. 1313-1, 3° of the Public Health Code, in conjunction with the Social Sciences, Expertise & Society Team;
  • relations with the communication departments of the ministries and other public bodies.

Director : Sophie Le Quellec