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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Dialogue with the stakeholders on radiofrequencies and health

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News of 03/04/2014

At the Agency's initiative, the 9th meeting of the Radiofrequencies and health dialogue committee, which brought together all of the stakeholders (associations, operators, manufacturers, trade unions), was held on April 1st. The committee was created in 2011, and its mission is tasked with informing the Agency on the expectations of society with regard to risks and research.

Representatives of the associations present decided to withdraw from the meeting, and by way of a news release raised doubts concerning both the work methods and the impartiality of the scientists who worked for over two years on the risks of exposure to radiofrequency waves, and whose assessment was the subject of a report published last October. 

The Agency can accept criticism, but it cannot tolerate such accusations on the grounds that the results of its scientific expert assessment do not satisfy the viewpoints of all those involved. 

Openness to society is a founding principle of the Agency, and one to which it is highly committed.  Dialogue should however be carried out with respect for individuals and in compliance with the roles of each of those involved. Only under these conditions can dialogue effectively contribute to and support expert assessment – which is in fact its raison d'être – as well as preserve its independence.

It is in this spirit that the Radiofrequencies and health dialogue committee has functioned since its beginnings, under the Chairmanship of Georges Mercadal, who recently decided to step down. 

ANSES would like to pay special homage to Mr. Mercadal for his commitment, high standards and impartiality in leading the debates that were conducted under his authority.

The position adopted by several committee member associations in no way calls into question the Agency’s principle of openness, which in central to its method of governance. 

With regard to the Radiofrequencies and health dialogue committee, the Agency is currently taking into consideration the conditions which would enable the on-going process of dialogue, in progress for the last three years, to pursue its course.