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“1HEALTH” Major Area of Interest (DIM)


The Major Areas of Interest (DIM) initiated by the Île-de-France region are a flagship scheme that aims to unify the laboratory networks located in Île-de-France by acting upon targeted accredited areas. In December 2016, the Île-de-France region accepted the financing of the 1HEALTH Major Area of Interest project, whose goal is to build a solid “One Health” infectious disease, unique in France and with European scope, in order to respond to public health challenges. One of its main goals is the development of new concepts in the areas of vaccinology, anti-infective therapy, diagnostics and the integration of social and economic considerations in health.


DIM1HEALTH is based on three areas – environmental health, human health and animal health – whose close interactions make them inseparable from each other. The “One Health” concept came into being in a context characterised by climate change, worldwide demographic growth, scarcity of natural resources, and shifting health pressures in both human and animal populations.

This scientific project targets the actions involved in the “screening-surveillance-treatment-prevention-prediction” chain while also accounting for society’s demands. It aims to combine research from various institutional players and to rapidly make the applicable diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic improvements (with regard to emerging or re-emerging diseases).

The project is also based on the “research - innovation - education” trio which is a driving force in the creation of companies and jobs.

The call for proposals, open to the entire Île-de-France community, was launched on 1 December 2017. This call for collaborative projects enables teams from Île-de-France to work together on the “One Health” theme. The topics selected will receive operating aid (contracts for doctorates and post-doctorates, engineers, promotional support, etc.) and investment assistance: 

Funding for conferences is also awarded:

Lastly, and “investment” call for proposals has also been launched:


The closing date for the call is 30 January 2018 at midnight.

Request files must be submitted to following platform:  

For all information please contact:   

Project selection will be held by the DIM scientific board and the results will be available in April 2018.