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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Dozulé Laboratory for Equine Diseases

Address : 14430 Dozulé

Phone : + 33 (0) 2 31 79 22 76

Manager : Aymeric Hans (Interim Director)

The Dozulé laboratory for equine diseases concentrates on controlling health risks related to infectious or parasitic diseases in horses through two key focuses:

  • epidemiology and epidemiological surveillance of these diseases;
  • improving diagnostic and test tools.

Its 30-strong staff works in three research units: bacteriology & parasitology, epidemiology & pathological anatomy, and virology.

The Dozulé Laboratory for Equine Diseases helps improve horse health.

  • it is a member of the national epidemiological surveillance network and coordinator of the observatory for equine diseases,
  • it monitors the occurrence and/or spread of major and emerging diseases, and analyses their causes, particularly through autopsies and epidemiological investigations in the field,
  • it studies infectious agents and gastro-intestinal parasites in horses,
  • it develops diagnostic tools and preventive measures for infectious and parasitic diseases,
  • as the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for contagious equine metritis, dourine, equine viral arteritis, equine infectious anaemia and equine herpesviruses, it provides scientific and technical support for veterinary inspections carried out by the authorities, including first- and second-line sample analyses, training of field laboratory staff and monitoring of their analysis quality. 
  • it has shared the status of European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for equine diseases with the Maisons-Alfort Laboratory for Animal Health since July 2008; five of the eight diseases included in the mandate are covered by the Dozulé laboratory, namely contagious equine metritis, dourine, equine infectious anaemia, equine viral arteritis and equine herpesviruses.