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European and International Affairs Department

The European and International Affairs Department (DAEI) is responsible for the coordination of activities undertaken by ANSES’s various entities with foreign partners at European and international level. It ensures the Agency’s compliance with its priorities in this area.
In cooperation with the entities involved, the DAEI:

  • identifies and promotes the implementation and reinforcement of strategic relations and collaborations with foreign organisations both in Europe and worldwide;
  • provides support to ANSES entities for the identification, implementation and follow-up of European and international initiatives, through the provision and dissemination of relevant information, and aid with the preparation of application dossiers in response to calls for projects. In this context, it is kept up-to-date of the initiatives and actions undertaken and the requests received by the entities;
  • acts as EFSA Focal Point and participates in the meetings of the EFSA Advisory Forum;
  • organises visits by foreign delegations to ANSES headquarters.

More specifically, the DAEI is in charge of:

  • identifying, locating, analysing and disseminating relevant information within the Agency;
  • defining and supporting the Agency’s positions and contributions in European and international fora;
  • stimulating scientists’ participation in work of strategic importance to the Agency;
  • identifying future strategic partnerships and establishing collaborations;
  • coordinating already-established institutional collaborations and agreements;
  • hosting foreign delegations and performing “exploratory” missions in foreign countries;
  • supporting the Agency’s positions at the research programming stage, identifying strategic projects for the Agency in calls for tender and for projects, and supporting ANSES’s entities to ensure a firm position for them in these projects;
  • coordinating European projects.


Director: Salma Elreedy

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