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European and international exchanges and collaborations with peer organisations of excellence

ANSES incorporates the European and international dimension in all its work by playing an active role in networks of excellence and establishing closer cooperation with some of the member counterpart organisations. The Agency also implements actions to strengthen cooperation and capacity building by mobilising its expertise. The map below illustrates the countries with which ANSES has one or more ongoing agreements with partners.


Risk assessment is already strongly rooted in a European context: as a result of regulatory harmonisation for regulated products and in the context of risk assessments relating to changes in EU regulatory measures or participation in expert appraisal work in addition to that carried out by the European agencies. Developing institutional relations with counterpart agencies, monitoring their work and promoting ANSES's own work through the creation of information exchange networks and the participation of its scientists in these agencies' work remain major influential actions.  

ANSES nurtures and develops its partnerships with organisations of excellence in order to pool skills and work in expert appraisal, reference, research, surveillance and knowledge production. These partnerships are based on criteria of scientific excellence, the importance of the agencies and, more generally, the existence of mutual benefits, with national agencies and institutes in the EU Member States, North America, Asia, etc. Initiatives are implemented according to different configurations, whether bilaterally or in small networks involving several institutions.