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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

European and international relations

The presence of the Agency at the European and international levels contributes to greater prevention and control of health risks, but also serves to promote the quality of its expertise.


Strategy and activities

The main objective of the Agency’s openness to the international arena is scientific exchange: it strives to maintain active involvement in the international scientific community, both to keep abreast as far as possible of all available data and knowledge, and to be an influential force with respect to international scientific trends and approaches. 

ANSES integrates the European and international perspectives in all of its activities by participating in networks of excellence, and by establishing special cooperation partnerships with certain members of these networks. Risk assessment activities are already firmly rooted in the European context as a result of regulatory harmonisation of controlled products, and through risk assessments regarding changes to EU regulatory policy, or participation in expert appraisal activities over and above those carried out by European agencies. In this context, some important activities that maintain the Agency’s influence include the development of institutional relations with counterpart agencies, awareness of their projects, and promotion of ANSES expertise through the creation of information exchange networks or the participation of its scientists in projects undertaken by other organisations.

In order to strengthen cooperation with its European and international partners and to promote national expertise, the Agency:

  • contributes to active information exchange networks enabling it to improve its knowledge, to identify emerging risk signals, and to anticipate future developments;
  • develops partnerships with top-level organisations to pool knowledge and experience, and to share expert appraisal, reference and knowledge creation activities;
  • actively collaborates at the European level with national and EU bodies, and at the international level participates in risk and benefit assessment projects;
  • participates in European research projects;
  • is recognised as an authoritative source through its mandates as reference laboratory or collaborating centre for the European Commission, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), the WHO (World Health Organization);  or the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health);
  • actively contributes to standardisation activities;
  • provides scientific and technical support to risk managers as part of international support activities; 
  • provides expertise to public authorities by participating in projects run by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the OIE the EPPO(European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, the FAO and the WHO; 
  • remains informed of projects undertaken by counterpart agencies;
  • promotes ANSES expertise by setting up information exchange networks or through participation of its staff in projects carried out by partner organisations.

The Agency’s activities and its stance in the European and international context help to ensure the effectiveness of its surveillance, expert appraisal, reference and research activities, and its ability to anticipate emerging risks. Furthermore, benchmarking activities make it possible to promote the Agency’s specific expertise compared to its counterparts, and to pool experience. In addition, as "national network leader" (R31, EFSA focal point, EEA contact point, collaborating centre for the OIE for veterinary medicinal products), the Agency aims to continue reinforcing France’s European and international cooperation and to foster and promote its national expertise.