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European and international relations

In a context where goods and health hazards are able to circulate widely, protection of public health cannot be addressed solely at national level.

ANSES's presence in the European and international arenas contributes above all to better prevention and control of health risks.

Its objective is also scientific exchange: the Agency strives to maintain active involvement in the international scientific community, both to keep abreast as far as possible of all available data and knowledge, and to be an influential force with respect to international scientific trends and approaches.

ANSES is a unique organisation, active in five different thematic areas: human food and nutrition, occupational health, environmental health, animal health and welfare, plant health and protection.

It is also unique in terms of the extent of its activities: risk assessment, research, reference, monitoring, surveillance and vigilance, etc. This specificity enables it to take rapid action to respond to emerging health issues.

ANSES's strategy on the European and international scene is underpinned by an integrative approach to its various activities and areas of competence.

This strategy can be broken down into four major orientations:

The importance attached to ANSES's European and international work is underlined by the fact that one of the five themes of the Agency's new Goals and Performance Contract (for the period 2018-2022) (pdf, in French) is devoted to it: Theme 3 "Consolidate ANSES's role in the construction of the European and global health and safety system". This is in addition to the expected contribution to Theme 1 "Strengthen the Agency's scientific excellence, and the quality and independence of its expert appraisals" and Theme 2 "Anticipate emerging threats and risks".

In each of ANSES's areas of competence, its European and international actions are central to the work of the entities concerned.