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Food supplements

Food supplements are “foodstuffs whose goal is to round off the normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect”. Unlike medicinal products, they do not require an individual marketing authorization in order to be sold. For several years now, a rise in the consumption of food supplements by French consumers has been observed. ANSES is regularly asked to assess the safety of substances whose addition to food supplements is under consideration, as well as to evaluate the impact of draft EU and national regulations on food supplements. 

Food supplements containing red yeast rice: before consumption, ask a healthcare professional

"Red yeast rice" is a red mould grown on rice which is used in many food supplements claiming to "maintain a normal level of cholesterol". ANSES has received 25 reports of adverse reactions (mostly muscle and liver damage) likely to be linked to consumption of food supplements containing red yeast rice. Under the current conditions, ANSES considers that taking red yeast rice food supplements containing monacolins may expose consumers to ...

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