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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

The French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products celebrates its 20-year anniversary!

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News of 19/06/2014

On 19 June 2014, the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) celebrated its 20-year anniversary. The ANMV is an ANSES body as well as the competent authority for the risk assessment and management of veterinary medicinal products in France. This is an opportunity to take a look back at the last 20 years, which have made it a reference in Europe and abroad, and discuss its prospects for the coming years.

The ANMV currently has three main missions: authorising the marketing of veterinary medicinal products, monitoring the quality of these medicinal products and monitoring their use. The ANMV fulfils risk assessment and management missions to protect public health, animal health and welfare and the environment. It contributes to discussions on veterinary pharmaceuticals, the drafting of a large number of regulatory and technical texts and the assessment of European dossiers.

The ANMV has issued over 2700 active marketing authorisations (MAs). On average, every year, it undertakes 330 quality control analyses of medicinal products, carries out 65 inspections of pharmaceutical establishments and assesses over 3000 reports of adverse events in the framework of pharmacovigilance.


Three major lines of action for the coming years

The ANMV has positioned itself as one of the top three most active agencies in Europe and intends to maintain its commitment to ensure that veterinary medicinal products are of high quality and safe to use for animals, consumers and the environment.

With this goal in mind, three priority lines of action have been set for the coming years:

  • controlling the development of antimicrobial resistance. The ANMV will continue to develop tools to monitor antibiotic use in order to issue relevant recommendations and monitor the effectiveness of policies intended to reduce this use in the various animal sectors.
  • post-marketing authorisation (post-MA) monitoring of veterinary medicinal products. The ANMV will particularly invest in counterfeiting-monitoring methods in order to improve monitoring policy in this area.
  • -adapting therapeutic innovations in the human sector to the animal sphere. Regarding pets, veterinary medicine has developed expertise similar to that for human medicine and therapeutic innovations in the human sector have been adapted to the animal sphere. One strategic objective for the ANMV in the coming years will therefore be to develop the requisite capacities to propose its expertise regarding these new, varied technologies at European level.


The ANMV will also remain extensively involved in upcomingdiscussions on the reform of the EU veterinary pharmaceutical regulations, instigated by the European Commission. Benefiting from its experience and position in Europe, the ANMV will contribute to the consultation on this draft text and to upcoming parliamentary discussions to ensure that the new reform is as efficient as possible and compliant with France's high standards.