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French Observatory for Pesticide Residues

In November 2003, the French Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Consumer Affairs and Ecology created the French Observatory for Pesticide Residues (ORP). This observatory aims to collect, analyse and exploit information on the presence of pesticides in different environments. It takes into account pesticides in the broad sense, that is, plant protection products, biocides, and external antiparasitics for veterinary and human use.



Pesticides in tap water: regional variations do not alter the findings of the national risk assessments

Like other foods, tap water is susceptible to contamination by pesticides. ANSES conducted a dedicated study to assess water’s share in overall dietary exposure to pesticides and the consequences of geographic variability in contamination in terms of risk.This study,conducted in the context of the missions of the French Observatory for Pesticide Residues (ORP), was funded by the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments (ONEMA) as part ...

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