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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are defined as organisms or microorganisms whose genetic makeup has been transformed in a way that does not involve natural recombination or multiplication.  They are subject to EU-level regulation and are assessed by the European Food Safety Authority. However, at the request of the ministries, ANSES continues to provide its expertise in order to inform government decision-making when State Members vote to authorise or reject the marketing in Europe of a GMO for use in food or feed. See our articles on this topic.

ANSES highlights the weaknesses of the study by Séralini et al., but recommends new research on the long-term effects of GMOs

ANSES was requested by the French Government to examine the paper by Séralini et al. published on 19 September 2012. The collective expert assessment carried out by the Agency concluded that the results of this research do not cast doubt on previous regulatory assessments of NK603 maize and Roundup. However, ANSES emphasises the small number of published studies dealing with the potential long-term effects of the consumption of GMOs in ...

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