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Health Monitoring & Alerts Department

The Health Monitoring & Alerts Department isunder the coordination of the Managing Director General for the Science for Expertise Division; it has been entrusted with a cross-cutting mission within ANSES, relating to health monitoring and alerts, as well as toxicovigilance and vigilance concerning occupational diseases. It is headed by a director.

It is organised into three activities:

  • Alerts:

The department receives and processes all the alerts sent to ANSES, whether from the Agency's laboratories and entities, other health and safety agencies, its supervisory ministries or any other stakeholder. It is in charge of the register of alerts prescribed by law. It prepares alert bulletins.

  • Toxicovigilance:

The Health Monitoring & Alerts Department runs the toxicovigilance scheme and coordinates the vigilance work of the Poison Control and Monitoring Centres (CAPTVs). It chairs the scheme's governance bodies (toxicovigilance coordination committee, strategic committee for the vigilance schemes, operational unit, working groups). It has access to the data of the information system common to the CAPTVs (SICAP).

  • RNV3P:

The Health Monitoring & Alerts Department runs the National Network for Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases (RNV3P), which brings together the French occupational disease clinics and occupational health services.

It administers the national database and serves as scientific secretariat for the working groups and the steering committee bringing together the network's partners.


Director: Juliette Bloch