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Market Authorisations Department

The Market Authorisations Department, under the coordination of the Managing Director General for the Regulated Products Division, participates in examining draft decisions in the framework of marketing authorisation (MA) applications concerning plant protection products, fertilisers and growing media, adjuvants and biocidal products, as well as applications for experimentation or parallel trade permits for these products.

It receives, records and examines the admissibility of these applications, and forwards any dossiers requiring a scientific assessment to the Regulated Products Assessment Department.

It examines decisions relating to the issuing, amendment and withdrawal of the various authorisations prior to marketing and experimentation for plant protection products, adjuvants, fertilisers and growing media; it does this alone for administrative applications, or based on the findings of the assessment by the Regulated Products Assessment Department for applications submitted for scientific assessment. These decisions are submitted for signature to the General Directorate.

It can call on the Monitoring Committee stipulated by the regulatory provisions.

The Market Authorisations Department also has an inspection mission with regard to the production, formulation, packaging and labelling of plant protection products, adjuvants, fertilisers and growing media.


Director: Marie-Christine de Guénin

Assistant to the Director: Frédérique Touffet