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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health: 31 projects selected, 5.8 million euros made available for the 2012 call for proposals16 November 2012

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News of 16/11/2012

Every year in the context of the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health, ANSES launches a call for research projects. This year, 31 projects were selected. They will be supported by a total of 5.8 million euros raised through funding by the Ministries of Ecology and Labour, the ITMO Cancer institute of the Alliance for life sciences and health (AVIESAN), the Agency for the environment and energy control (ADEME), and the French national agency for water and aquatic environments (ONEMA) within the framework of the Ecophyto plan coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition to its other missions, ANSES is in charge of coordinating and supporting research. This includes running the National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), an essential resource for acquiring the knowledge necessary to assist the authorities and for conducting health risk assessment at the Agency. A call for research projects (APR) is launched every year within this context.

The cooperation initiative organised along with ANSES's partners in the framework of the PNR-EST research programme has made it possible to provide a group portal for the environmental health and occupational health research communities, and to promote synergies and complementarities between the various research topics and projects. In this context, of the 208 proposals received by ANSES, 31 projects have been selected based on evaluations provided by a scientific committee: 19 projects will be financed by funds entrusted to ANSES by the Ministry of the Environment (€1.2M), the Ministry of Labour (€850k) and through the tax on radiofrequency transmitters (€1.7M). Seven projects will be supported by AVIESAN's ITMO Cancer institute (€1.2M), three by ADEME (600 k€), and two projects have been selected with the prospect of funding by ONEMA, thanks to credits obtained through the tax on non-point source pollution in support of the Ecophyto plan (250 k€). Several partners will also contribute to financing a project within the European ERA-NET \ ERA-ENVHEALTH schemes.

With this call, ANSES and it partners pursue their ongoing support of research communities in environmental and occupation health begun several years ago, and present the objectives, in the form of research topics, of the national environmental health and occupational health plans (Plan National Santé Environnement, Plan Santé Travail, Plan Cancer, Plan Ecophyto, etc.).

Thus, among the projects funded, seven involve the study of emerging risks such as nanoparticles and radiofrequency waves; seven projects are dedicated to chemical agents, with a concentration on endocrine disruptors; eleven are related to the occupational health theme and examine issues such as the health impact of work organisation, exposure to agents such as noise, chemical agents and radiofrequency waves; and lastly, sociological and economic issues have given special emphasis, with nine projects in the human and social sciences.

ANSES, committed to showcasing these studies, organises two sessions a year during its Scientific Conferences cycle dedicated to National Environmental and Occupational Health Programme feedback, at which time the research teams can present their work to the public. The next Scientific Conferences session will be held in April 2013.

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> Press release of 16 November 2012
( Annexes: the list of selected projects and the list of members of the research programme’s scientific committee )

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