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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health: 33 projects selected, 5.7 million euros mobilised for calls for projects in 2014

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News of 09/12/2014

Each year, as part of the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health, ANSES issues two calls for research projects, the first on a general theme and the second devoted to the theme "Radiofrequencies and health". This year, 33 projects were selected. They will receive total funding of 5.7 million euros, from sums provided by the Ministries for Ecology, Labour and Agriculture, and also from the proceeds of the tax on radiofrequency transmitters and funds from partner organisations.


Among its other missions, ANSES coordinates and supports research. This is expressed in its work as part of the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), a vital tool for acquiring the knowledge with which to support public policy-making and provide the data needed for health risk assessment work. Through these calls for research projects, ANSES and its partners continue the work they have pursued for several years to support the environmental-health and occupational-health research communities. This work meets the objectives of the national health action plans: National Environmental Health Plan, Occupational Health Plan, Cancer Plan, Ecophyto Plan, etc.

In this context, two calls for research projects (APR) are issued each year, the first on a general theme and the second devoted to the theme "Radiofrequencies and health".

This year, 248 letters of intent were received. After a selection process based on assessments by an independent scientific committee, 33 projects were selected: 15 will be financed with funds entrusted to ANSES by the Ministry of the Environment (€1.45M) and the Ministry of Labour (€1.17M), and nine by the tax on radiotransmitters (€1.55M). Five other projects will be financed by the AVIESAN ITMO Cancer multi-agency thematic institute (€0.89M), three by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, ADEME (€0.6M), and one project was selected to be financed by the Ministry of Agriculture under the ECOANTIBIO plan (€0.05M).

As in every other year, the selected research projects focus on different agents and theme :

  • nine projects are dedicated to chemical agents, and three of these are on pesticides;
  • five concern biological agents: two are on vector control, two on antimicrobial resistance, one on methods for assessing water quality;
  • 10 concern physical agents: nine are on radiofrequencies and one is on light-emitting diodes. Among the nine projects on radiofrequencies, three are related to instrument development, three are investigating effects (cancer, effects on memory, at cell level) and three focus on electromagnetic hypersensitivity;
  • four are on nanoparticles and two on particulate matter (diesel and air pollution);
  • two predominantly relate to the human and social sciences;
  • one project focuses on the biological effects of working hours.

Among all these projects, nine concern either the occupational-health field, or the occupational-health and environmental-health fields combined.

Moreover, for the 2015 edition of PNR EST, the two calls for projects on the themes "Environmental and occupational health" and "Radiofrequencies and health" were issued on 19 November.

In order to showcase these studies and in the context of its Scientific Conferences, ANSES organises two sessions a year to provide feedback from the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health. These conferences are an opportunity for the research teams to present their work to the public. To this end, the day of 28 November was dedicated to the effects of chemical pollutants on human health. The next conferences will be held on 19 May 2015.