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Updated on 16/04/2018

Occupational exposure to pesticides

Organised by : Anses and EFSA

From 28/10/2014 to 29/10/2014

Place : Anses - Maisons-Alfort

Public : Open to all

Occupational exposure to pesticides - Challenges for research, evaluation and prevention

Epidemiological studies carried out on farmers show a connection between repeated exposure to pesticides and specific chronic illnesses. In these studies it is made very clear that, in many cases, it is not easy to make a direct link between the consequences and the exposure. For many substances used in the past, which were subsequently banned, there are no longitudinal data on the exposure of farmers to pesticides.

Scientific experts and risk managers have responded to the issue by supporting research programmes as well as developing and improving new methodologies for risk assessment. Moreover, EU regulations govern pesticide use and their authorisation. Prior to market entry, pesticides have to undergo an assessment of the substance’s effectiveness and risk not only to users and particularly to farm workers, but also to consumers, natural environments and living organisms. 

Despite all that, the health ramifications around this issue extend to a large number of actors, far beyond the scientific community.

With this backdrop, ANSES, in collaboration with EFSA, has decided to organise a conference to reflect the state of play in research into the risks of exposure for people working with pesticides. The conference will bring together French researchers and scientists, and some of their European and international peers to discuss scientific progress in the field of evaluating exposure to pesticides and to encourage an exchange of practices and knowledge at the scientific community level. The aim is to report on scientific and technical progress in the whole area of exposure to pesticides and to discuss the various approaches and outlooks on assessment, prevention and protection in the matter of pesticide exposure.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

  • The contribution of epidemiology into understanding the effects of pesticides on health
  • Enhancing our knowledge of pesticide exposure and of assessment methodologies
  • The impact of technical and human factors on levels of exposure to pesticides

EFSA and ANSES - Pesticide exposure : Science has no borders.

Practical information

  •  Métro ligne 8, station « Ecole vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort » -
  • Bus 24, 103, 104, 107, 125, 181 : station « Ecole vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort »
  • RER ligne D : station « Maisons-Alfort Alfortville » 
  • Autoroute A4 : sortie Pont de Charenton, direction Maisons-Alfort