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Opinion currently under consultation

Considering the importance, complexity and sensitivity of the subjects it deals with, the Agency occasionally wishes to reinforce a consultation that is already under way by bringing the Report being prepared to the attention of members of the scientific and medical community, representatives of associations and the heads of professional organisations.
All contributions received are made public and are subjected to detailed analysis by the Agency when drawing up its recommendations.


Public consultation submission instructions

The interested parties must use the e-mail address specifically created for each expert assessment. Documents sent by the postal service will not be accepted. 

Please identify yourself at the beginning of your message (last name, first name and position / job title) as well as the organisation you are representing for this consultation submission if you are not submitting data in a personal capacity.

Please clearly identify the page numbers and line numbers concerned by your comments and remarks.

Comments and remarks will not be taken into consideration if:

  • they are submitted after the deadline set for the consultation period;
  • they do not refer to the content of the documents used for the consultation;
  • they involve political or risk management issues, which fall outside of the field of this work;
  • they contain complaints against institutions, personal accusations or irrelevant or offensive declarations;


Dossiers curently in public consultation phase

No consultations in progress