Professor Isabelle Momas appointed chairwoman of ANSES’s Scientific Board

Professor Isabelle Momas has been appointed chairwoman of the Scientific Board of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, by decree of the Ministers of the Environment, Health, Labour, Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, and following the opinion of the Scientific Board issued on 22 November 2016. She will chair the Scientific Board for a three-year term, succeeding Professor Paul Frimat, who has held this position since 2010.

By decree of the Ministers of the Environment, Health, Labour, Agriculture and Consumer Affairs dated 23 January 2017, Professor Isabelle Momas has just been appointed chairwoman of ANSES's Scientific Board, succeeding Professor Paul Frimat, who chaired the Board from 2010 to 2016.

Her appointment is fully in line with her previous experience, in particular as chair of the living environments section of the French public health body, the CSHPF (2000-2006), co-chair of the steering committee (2003-2004) and mid-term review board (2006-2007) of the first National Environmental Health Action Plan, and then vice-president of the first French High Council for Public Health, the HCSP (2007-2011).

Professor Isabelle Momas has always placed research questions in environmental health at the centre of the work of the research team she leads at Paris Descartes University, with a particular interest in assessing human exposure to air pollutants and its effects on health, a major subject of concern at ANSES. Her commitment and skills are a real asset for ANSES.

Professor Isabelle Momas is the author or co-author of 142 publications in peer-reviewed journals (118 international and 24 national) and a member of two European networks: GA2LEN (Global Allergy and Asthma European Network) and MeDALL (Mechanisms of the Development of Allergy – member of the executive board).

The ANSES Scientific Board functions as an independent body, to guarantee the excellence of the Agency's expertappraisals and the consistency of its scientific work. Human food and nutrition, environmental health, occupational health, animal health and welfare, animal nutrition, veterinary medicinal products, plant health and protection: the Scientific Board's work covers all of the Agency's missions, while respecting the pluralism and independence of the expert appraisals.

The ANSES Scientific Board, which was renewed on 22 November 2016, has 29 members, selected from among the eminent scientists who responded to the call for candidates issued in March 2016. They are among the leading French and foreign scientists in several disciplines, covering all of ANSES's spheres of competence and including the perspective of the human and social sciences.