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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department works for the operational departments, with a mission to formulate and develop a purchasing policy whose main aim is to meet the objectives of economic efficiency and sustainable development.

The Purchasing Department is also tasked with deploying all the necessary procedures, means and tools to modernise and professionalise the purchasing function within the Agency. This is based on a clear identification of responsibilities in terms of procurement, supply and stock management.

In this context, it:

  • develops and implements the purchasing policy in line with the Agency's overall strategy;
  • identifies the skills of the purchasing entities and draws on them to specialise and professionalise purchasing;
  • defines and implements an action plan to respond to the needs of the operational departments while developing the digitisation of management actions;
  • determines the most appropriate procedures in compliance with the French Government Procurement Code and monitors their execution;
  • conducts administrative and financial follow-up of research and development agreements and calls for research projects;
  • manages orders for the departments at the Agency's headquarters and the Maisons-Alfort laboratories;
  • formulates and implements the travel policy and manages travel for the departments at the headquarters and the laboratories;
  • formalises, updates and distributes rules and best practices for purchasing, ordering and travel;
  • provides its support to the other entities in the areas within its competence.


Directeur : Sébastien Taupiac