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Quality & Internal Audit Department

Quality & Internal Audit Department

The Quality & Internal Audit Department is under the authority of the Deputy Director General of the General Affairs Division. Its mission is to support the implementation of continuous improvement within the Agency.

It is responsible for administering ANSES's organisational document management system and the scheme for monitoring organisation-related improvement actions and reporting of indicators required by the supervisory ministries, the General Directorate and the management systems in place. It is the main contact point for the internal audit committee, and organises the scheduling, implementation and exploitation of internal audits within ANSES.

The Quality & Internal Audit Department liaises with all the Agency's other entities to coordinate the quality management system, in line with the quality management policy defined by the Director General. The Quality & Internal Audit Department organises third-party recognition of this system through accreditation and certification, according to the various relevant benchmarks. It is the Agency's contact point with the accreditation, certification and standardisation bodies.

The Quality & Internal Audit Department provides support for the strategic management of the Agency: it coordinates implementation of the risk management system for the entire establishment, develops and runs the reporting system, and organises the activities of the Board of Administrators (as well as associated meetings: thematic steering committees, preliminary board of administrators meeting) and of the Committee for Ethical Standards and the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest.

The Quality & Internal Audit Department is also tasked with coordinating implementation of the Agency's sustainable development policy and ensuring implementation of the Charter for relations with interested parties.


Director of the Quality & Internal Audit Department: Catherine Rigoulot