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Regulated Products Division

The Managing Director General for the Regulated Products Division coordinates the various Agency entities with activities in these areas.

She helps ensure the overall consistency of the Agency's processes relating to assessment of regulated products, issuing of marketing authorisations, and the various vigilance schemes, while including processes specific to veterinary medicinal products implemented by the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) under the authority of its director.

In the areas of plant protection products, fertilisers and growing media, and biocides, she coordinates vigilance and surveillance activities with the marketing authorisations examination process, and has responsibility for signing decisions on marketing authorisations, on behalf of the Director General, as well as their renewal, amendment, suspension or withdrawal, under European and national legislation. She is responsible for proposing a means of communication for decisions taken, mainly oriented towards State services and stakeholders.

She is in charge of cross-cutting management functions for the Regulated Products Assessment Department and Market Authorisations Department regarding plant protection products, biocides and fertilisers (upgrades to information systems, management control and monitoring of flows and deadlines, quality processes, coordination with the Agency's other activities, etc.). She seeks to ensure, via the quality process, the traceability of all stages in the process and, in particular, of the assessment documents produced by the Regulated Products Assessment Department and validated scientifically and completely independently by this department. She heads the administration and finance unit common to these cross-cutting activities, as well as the Regulated Products Information Systems Unit.

The Regulated Products Division thus includes:


as well as two units common to the Regulated Products Assessment Department and the Market Authorisations Department:

  • The Common Administration and Finance Unit (SCAF)
  • The Regulated Products Information Systems Unit (SSIPR)


Head of the Regulated Products Division: Charlotte Grastilleur, Managing Director General