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Research Funding & Scientific Watch Department

The Research & Science Watch Funding Department is placed under the coordination of the Managing Director General for the Science for Expertise Division. It isin charge of activities that seek to promote the links between the community of researchers and the Agency's expert appraisal activities.

In particular, it is responsible for:

  • supporting risk assessment activities, through training initiatives for employees relating to scientific and technical information, the selective dissemination of information, the exploitation of expert appraisal work, and methodological support for monitoring conducted in the context of responses to formal requests.
  • managing scientific documentation and the public procurement contracts associated with this activity.
  • designing and implementing calls for research projects, especially in the framework of the National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST).
  • activities related to the coordination of scientific networks.
  • coordinating the network of ANSES's partner organisations (R31), with the aim of pooling the available skills to address issues associated with health risks.
  • targeted monitoring and future planning activities.


Director : Laëtitia Dubois