Risk Assessment Department

The Risk Assessment Department provides assessment activities in the following areas: the nutritional and health risks and benefits of foods, environmental and occupational health risks, and risks for animal health, with the support of Expert Committees and other groups of experts set up by ANSES as well as by the scientific expertise provided by its in-house personnel, in conjunction with the other departments of the Agency.
It also provides chemical product assessments within the framework of the European REACh and CLP regulations on chemicals, by prioritising, identifying and compiling applications to support the competent French authorities.

In its areas of expertise, it provides scientific coordination of the Expert Committees mentioned in article L. 1313-6 of the French public health code and other expert groups set up within the Agency and gathers the information required for carrying out its activities.

It sets up studies and surveys, manages databases in its areas of expertise and conducts methodological research work.

It implements a phytopharmacovigilance (plant protection product monitoring and reporting) scheme in conjunction with the DEPR, the DAMM and the Health Monitoring and Alerts Unit.

Director: Dominique Gombert

Deputy Directors: Charlotte Grastilleur, Jean-Nicolas Ormsby

Assistant Directors: Jean Luc Volatier,  Henri Bastos