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Risk Assessment Department

The Risk Assessment Department, under the coordination of the Managing Director General for the Science for Expertise Division, carries out all assessment missions in the area of food-related nutritional and health benefits and risks, and risks associated with environmental health, occupational health, animal health, nutrition and welfare, and plant health.

It is supported by the expert committees (CESs) and other expert groups established within the Agency, and coordinates their work. It also draws on the scientific expertise of its own staff, working in liaison with the Agency's other entities.

In its area of competence, it conducts certain alert and vigilance missions, organises the studies and surveys needed to collect the data that are useful to its expert appraisal work, manages the associated observatories and databases, and carries out the methodological developments necessary for the completion of its missions.

It calls on the members of the R31 network when needed for carrying out its missions, in particular in the framework of research and development agreements.


Director: Eric Vial