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Science for Expertise Division

The Managing Director General for the Science for Expertise Division coordinates the activities of the Risk Assessment Department, the Social Sciences, Expertise & Society Team, the Health Monitoring & Alerts Department and the Research & Science Watch Funding Department. He acts as the link with the Agency's Scientific Board and its chairman, and prepares its meetings.

He is responsible for:

  • defining the Agency's scientific foundations;
  • overseeing the community of experts gathered together in the expert committees (CESs) and working groups (WGs, GECU), as well as preparing for their renewal;
  • supervising the health monitoring and alert activities;
  • carrying out scientific coordination for cross-cutting themes, in particular by organising scientific seminars;
  • supervising scientific events organised or co-organised by ANSES (excluding actions carried out directly by the laboratories);
  • overseeing research funding and planning activities, whether as part of the National Research Programme for Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), or coordination of the R31 network and monitoring activities;
  • preparing the general orientations of the Agency's work programme.


The Science for Expertise Division thus includes:


Head of the Science for Expertise Division: Matthieu Schuler, Managing General Director