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Skills tuned to excellence

ANSES’s assignments—expert appraisals, research, reference activities and surveillance—require equally varied scientific profiles. The wide range of disciplines, educational background, professional history and status of ANSES employees not only characterises the Agency but constitutes its main asset.

Pour accompagner la stratégie de l’Etablissement, la Direction des ressources humaines déploie une politique orientée autour de la gestion des compétences. Cette approche favorise la richesse et la diversité des profils au service des activités de l’agence.

To support the Agency’s strategic roadmap, the Human Resources Department focuses on skills management, an approach fostering the richness and diversity of profiles required by ANSES’s wide range of activities.

One ambition: excellence

In the pursuit of excellence, ANSES has built up a broad palette of professions and chosen highly-qualified staff to accomplish its brief. Within its laboratories, activities focus mainly on reference activities and research. Laboratory technicians, researchers and animal keepers all play a crucial role in assuring top-quality work. Project leaders and managers concentrate primarily on risk assessment at ANSES’s head office. Support functions are vital to the fulfilment of the agency’s brief. Legal experts, contract managers and IT specialists all help secure ANSES’s activities.

Challenging career paths                   

Developing staff competencies is a major challenge. The Agency must be able to rely on a solid, diversified foundation of expertise. Over two-thirds of staff participate in training courses every year, making an average of 3.5 days per employee. Skills transfer is another way of fostering a dynamic scientific community. Researchers in particular are encouraged to develop their career paths by broadening their job experience. But scientists are not the only ones to benefit from the acquisition of new skills. The whole ANSES work community is involved, as the Agency gives priority to internal staff mobility whenever a job opportunity arises. ANSES wishes to offer all its employees challenging career prospects. To facilitate adaptation to a position, both newly-recruited and internally mobile staff are supported through the Agency’s integration policy, which grants employees the opportunity of individual tutoring with customised support, encouraging them to stay within ANSES in the long term.