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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Statement on ANSES quality policy and quality commitment

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety is responsible for assessing risks to human, animal and plant health, in order to provide the relevant authorities with all the necessary information on these risks, along with the scientific and technical expertise required to establish legislative and regulatory provisions and to implement risk management measures.

Its main activities and roles include:

  • risk assessment and expert appraisal,
  • national, EU-level and international reference laboratory for analysis, surveillance and research,
  • research planning,
  • expert appraisal and management of marketing authorisation (MA) applications for veterinary medicinal products,
  • expert appraisal and post-MA inspections for veterinary medicinal products,
  • training and information.

It has set up and coordinates a network of scientific organisations with a view to assessing health risks.

It has a governance structure that is open to all its stakeholders, and contributes to public debate in its areas of expertise.

The Agency's commitments regarding quality management

Due to the nature of its missions and its public institution status, the Agency must implement all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of its work, which has a direct effect on the safety of citizens. It must also be accountable for its actions. These two requirements underlie the confidence that citizens, partners and the State have in the Agency. They are the basis for its credibility on both the national and international levels.

The Agency therefore has a set of permanent objectives, stipulated in its Goals and Performance Contract (COP). The first involves compliance with its code of ethics, with regulatory requirements, with national and international guidelines, and with the technical standards which serve as a framework for its activities. Other objectives include competency of Agency personnel, deployment of leading-edge equipment and top-level facilities, control of records required for traceability of activities, active involvement in European and international scientific networks, and compliance with deadlines.

ANSES has implemented a quality management system for its day-to-day operations to ensure that its different activities are organised in a coherent and efficient manner.

This quality management system applies the process approach in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, and includes all the Agency’s operational, support and management activities. Constant efforts will be made to improve the efficiency of the system and a certification process will be undertaken. In addition, the various professional standards relevant to the Agency will be applied in compliance with the overall ISO 9001 approach.


They include:

  • the NF X 50-110 standard for expert appraisal activities,
  • the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard for testing and analysis,
  • the NF EN ISO/CEI 17043 standard for coordination of inter-laboratory proficiency testing,
  • and the NF EN ISO/CEI 17020 standard for inspection activities,


The Agency is also committed to implementing the provisions of the:

  • "Sustainable Development Charter for public organisations and corporations", signed in April 2008,
  • "Charter on Social Representativeness", signed in October 2008.


The aim of following this approach is to:

  • guarantee scientific excellence through the soundness of Agency processes and the competency of its personnel,
  • ensure that Agency activities and research are responsive and efficient, meeting contractual commitments and adapting to emergency crisis situations,
  • comply with the requirements of independence, transparency and openness, the key elements that inspire confidence,
  • anticipate needs through surveillance activities, specifically in order to identify emerging risks.

The target date for completion of the first phase of developing a certifiable quality system as per the ISO 9001 and NF X 50-110 standards is the end of 2012 for all of the Agency's expert appraisal activities, with a view to ISO 9001 certification in 2013.

Efforts to obtain accreditation for the laboratories and the ANMV (Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products) will be pursued by the directors of these entities with assistance from the quality managers, within the framework of the Goals and Performance Contract (COP).

All of these projects are being run by the Agency's Quality unit, reporting directly to the Director General, and to the national network of quality managers. ANSES will mobilise all Agency personnel to ensure that staff adopt the quality documentation, apply quality policy and procedures in their work, and become actively involved in deployment of this quality system, so that the principle of continual improvement becomes an integral part of our day-to-day activities.