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Strategy & Programmes Department

The Strategy & Programmes Department is placed under the hierarchical authority of the Managing Director General for the Research & Reference Division.

It is responsible for:

  • guiding the Agency's thinking with regard to the scientific strategy of its laboratories for research, reference and health surveillance in conjunction with the departments in charge of risk assessment or regulated products; as such, it proposes the laboratories' multi-year scientific orientations and coordinates their annual planning exercises;
  • coordinating and developing scientific partnerships with other health agencies and research establishments, especially among the members of the R31 network;
  • contributing to the implementation in the laboratories of the international partnerships policy in conjunction with the European and International Affairs Department;
  • recommending the framework for partnerships with private stakeholders, proposing and implementing the policy for exploiting biological resources, results and know-how from the Agency's laboratories. 

In conjunction with the Quality & Internal Audit Department, it provides support with quality assurance processes and implementation of the laboratories' risk control plan.

In the areas of research, reference and surveillance, the Strategy & Programmes Department is also responsible for initiating, supporting and coordinating actions contributing firstly to the harmonisation, promotion and dissemination of methods, products, resources and data from the laboratories, and secondly to ensuring efficiency of the various schemes, and compliance with ethical standards and professional conduct when carrying out work. 

It proposes in particular:

  • the coordination of reporting by the national reference laboratories;
  • a policy for establishing pooled methodological and technological platforms, then ensuring their proper functioning;
  • internal distribution of ethical rules relating to animal experimentation and tools for facilitating their implementation; it serves as secretariat for the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (COMETH). 

The Strategy & Programmes Department is also tasked with: 

  • proposing the policy on training through research and on relations with higher education establishments, and monitoring its implementation;
  • organising and coordinating the periodic assessment of the scientific activities of the Agency's laboratories in the areas of research, reference and surveillance.


Directeur : Nicolas Canivet