Symposium: Preventing and curing infectious diseases according to the One Health concept

ANSES is partnering with INRA to organise a symposium entitled "Preventing and curing infectious diseases according to the One Health concept", which will be held at the Lycée Descartes in Tours on 21 June 2018.

This event aims to bring together all the players in human, animal and environmental health to develop a debate around the "One Health" vision with a focus on three questions:

  • what strategies, vaccine solutions and alternative methods can help limit the use of drug inputs?
  • what innovative tools and schemes can help with the early detection of sick animals (or reservoirs of infectious agents), in order to prevent the emergence and spread of disease within a herd (management of the herd and of environmental reservoirs of pathogens, regional surveillance)?
  • what are the prospects for R&D and what opportunities for innovation may arise from these novel approaches?

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This One Health approach, which recognises that human health is highly dependent on the health of animals and the environment, is at the heart of ANSES's work.

In line with this, since 1 January 2018, the Agency has been in charge of coordinating the European Joint Programme (EJP) on One Health, which brings together more than 40 partners from 19 Member States. Several ANSES scientists will be sharing their experiences and work during this symposium:

  • opening presentation by Pascal Boireau, Director of the ANSES Laboratory for Animal Health;
  • presentation on "Understanding and managing bovine tuberculosis: from a genome study of Mb strains circulating in France to participatory surveillance in wildlife" by Maria Laura Boschiroli, from the ANSES Laboratory for Animal Health and Franck Biet from INRA;
  • presentation on "The EJP on One Health: prospects for R&D" by Christophe Cordevant, ANSES.