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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Today ANSES publishes its contribution to EFSA’s consultation on aspartame

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News of 21/03/2013

Today ANSES publishes its contribution to the consultation set up by EFSA for its draft opinion on the reassessment of aspartame (E951) as a food additive. An Emergency collective expert assessment group (GECU) made up of experts in toxicology and epidemiology and specialists in nutrition was created in order to provide a response to this request within the set timeframe. 

ANSES's contribution emphasises the scope of the work done by EFSA and also brings up certain important questions, namely those concerning the opportunity to integrate an additional uncertainty factor into the calculation of the Acceptable Daily intake (ADI) for aspartame and the relevance of the choice of certain human toxicity data for assessing the level of protection of the current ADI.  

ANSES will outline its analysis and discuss it with EFSA's experts in a meeting set for April. 

In addition, the Agency is also working of the issue of the nutritional benefits and risks of intense sweeteners in general (effects on weight, occurrence of diabetes, etc.). To do this, an expert group has been set up which is scheduled to finalise its work in December 2013.