What is Nutrivigilance?

The consumption habits, market offer and distribution channels for food supplements, novel foods, fortified foods and beverages, and foodstuffs for people with specific needs are constantly changing. Yet these products, often perceived by consumers as harmless, can under certain conditions expose them to risks. In order to identify the possible adverse effects of these foods and to reinforce consumer safety, ANSES has been tasked since 2010 with a nutritional vigilance mission. Since the Nutrivigilance scheme was set up, ANSES has issued recommendations on nine different products. So-called energy drinks, food supplements containing alcoholic extracts of yam, red yeast rice and p-synephrine, an instant almond-based beverage for 12-month-old infants, etc., have all been the subject of opinions by the Agency, and three other types of food supplements are also currently under examination. Since each opinion launched is based on the declarations of adverse effects received by ANSES, healthcare professionals are an essential link in making the Nutrivigilance scheme work.